We can assist you in acquiring every document required during construction.

  • New Orleans Safety & Permits Demolition Permit
  • Special Events: Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy
  • Special Events: New Orleans Department of Revenue
  • New Orleans Safety & Permits General Building Permit
  • New Orleans Safety & Permits Certificate of Occupancy
  • State Fire Marshal P.O. Letter (Fire Marshal Building Permit)
  • Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement Permit / Certificate of Completion
  • VCC Paint
  • VCC Building
  • Public Works Street Closing, Parking Meter Rentals, Curb Cuts
  • Louisiana Department of Revenue Sales Tax Certificate for Contractors

  • City of new Orleans Parks Department: Tree Planting Permit
  • Board of Zoning Authority (N.O.): Variance
  • City Planning Commission (N.O.): Zoning Compliance
  • Special Events: New Orleans Fire Prevention Department
  • Baton Rouge General Building Permits
  • Health Department Sign Offs
  • State Fire Marshal Certificate of Completion
  • HDLC Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Bulkhead Head Permit
  • St. Tammany Parish General Building Permit
  • Terrebone Parish Building Permit
  • Lafayette Building Permit

At Louisiana Expeditors, we offer a broad variety of permit management services for every stage of your project, from concept to completion.

  • -Early Budget (Concept Pricing)
  • -Permit Consulting, Acquisition, Financing
  • -Scheduling
  • -Certificate of Completion/ Occupancy



Louisiana Expeditors, LLC was founded in 2009 by George Jeansonne and Ryan Mayer in response to the niche market and positive pace of South Louisiana’s construction, development and real estate industries. George, a licensed realtor, whose background includes real estate with a concentration in the historic French Quarter, is key to understanding the jurisdictions of the governing agencies. Ryan, a Louisiana licensed builder, beholden to permitting bodies, is versed in the intricacies of permit requirements.

Another way to consider our services is that we are not only your boots-on-the-ground, if you aren’t in town yet, but we are also your trusted adviser on the details of permit acquisition.

Louisiana Expeditors is a member of the Vieux Carre Commission Foundation and the National Eagle Scout Association.